Chimney designed by nozzel model to decrease the hot flue gas temperature

Industrial chimneys and exhaust tubes from heavy machinery generate flue gas with temperature range from 350 to 200 deg C. This high-temperature gas affects the environmental stability and deflects the rainfall in the nearby areas. Maybe by the reason of non-proper heat transfer between flue gas and air, these hot packets in the air even harm the migration birds.
When considered to the military equipment like ship and fighter plans, they use massive engines that produce power and flue gas with high temperature. By the technology of heat-seeking missiles, these army vehicles can be targeted from longer distances. Therefore, to remove the heat signature of the flue gas a chimney model designed from nozzle and venturi device can be used at the exhaust. Its design makes the flue gas to suck the atmospheric air into its flow direction and blend with it so the temperature of flue gas is transferred to the atmospheric air. The more the air is sucked into the more the temperature drops. The massive the engine so the flow rate of flue gas. Based on the engines the diameter and height of this nozzle chimney can be made and even the adjustable compartments in the chimney can allow the controlled volume of air to flow into the flue gas to maintain the outlet temperature. By its working principle, the outlet temperature can be dropped to 50 to 70 deg C.
chimney design to decrase the temperature of hot flue gas

Chimney design that blends air with hot flue gas