Petrochemical products from Propylene

Propylene petrochemicals derived flow chart, with different chemical process and mechanisms using catalyst,butyraldehyde, polypropylene, isopropylalcohol, phenol, acetone

Flowchart of Propylene Derivatives

 A simple flowchart can explain the chemical products derived from the propylene. Polypropylene is derived by catalysis process, each sequence is specified as propylene is treated with benzene to get cumene and it is reacted with air to get cumene hydroxide and finally acetone.

Propylene is treated with acid to get three compounds trimer, tetramer, n-olefins. Trimer and Phenol produce Nonylphenol. The tetramer is reacted with Benzene to produce Dodecylbenzene and used for Detergent manufacturing. Similarly, n-Olefins are reacted with Benzene to get Alkylbenzene to produce Detergents. Another reaction mechanism to produce Acrylonitrile is reacting Propylene with Oxygen and Ammonia or by us Nitric Oxide and catalyst.

Propylene is reacted with chlorine to get allylchloride which is used for glycerol. By using Hypochlorous and acid Propylene is converted to Propylene oxide.

Propylene derivative petrochemicals:

Acrylonitrile           ==  used in home furnishings, Apparel.
n-butanol               ==  used in amino resins, solvents, glycol ethers, plasticisers, acrylates
propylene oxide      ==  used for urethane polyols, ethers, amines, propylene glycol
polypropylene        ==  extrusion, fibres and filaments, injection molding
isopropyl alcohol    ==  cosmetics, pharmaceutical, process solvent, acetone

Process flow sheet of propylene production from refinery gas polypropylene

Process flow sheet of propylene production from refinery gas