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Nitrogen Production Plant Flow sheet

nitrogen plant production flow sheet and cryogenic system design of separation column
Nitrogen Plant Flow Sheet
Nitrogen plant consists of the following equipment

1. Air compressor
2. Refrigeration unit
3. Moisture separator
4. Air purification unit
  • Adsorbers
  • Post filters
  • Regeneration heater
  • Air vent silencer
  • Nitrogen vent silencer
5. Cold box
  • Main exchanger
  • Medium pressure column
  • Condenser vaporizer
  • Waste nitrogen & air expansion turbine
  • Liquid nitrogen/ gaseous nitrogen separator
6. Deriming heater
7. Nitrogen vaporizer
8. Liquid nitrogen storage tank
9. Pressurizing coil
Nitrogen from air is separated by compressing air and expanding it at low temperature. By means of cryogenic technology continuous removal of heat and and compression will make nitrogen to change its phase from gas to liquid phase, the liquid phase nitrogen is stored at high pressure and transported in cylinders.