Production of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide storage, carbon capture

We see how carbon dioxide is changing the atmospheric conditions and we are one of the reasons for the increase of CO2 levels. We cannot control the carbon dioxide that emits from volcano's, forest fire and other natural cause but we can handle the amount of carbon dioxide that our industries and automobiles produce. To do this we have to understand the sources of production of carbon dioxide, capturing it, storing and using it to the green technologies.

Industrial operations that produce carbon dioxide by means of byproduct and flue gas:
  • Combustion operation (Power plants)
  • Reforming operations (Refineries and chemical plants)

Carbon dioxide capturing:
  • By chemical technology: Chemical and physical absorption
carbon dioxide absorption reaction with potassium bicarbonate storage carbon

CO2 removal reaction using Potassium bicarbonate

  • Plantation

  • Dry ice

Converting carbon dioxide by green technology:
  • By converting it into methanol or dimethyl ether using CO2 hydrogenation technique.