Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Working Animation

Plate and Frame heat exchanger animated module can explain the flow of hot and cold fluid flow between the plate and frame arrangement. With the help of gasket, the mixing of two streams are prevented and made them flow in their respective paths. Plate frame heat exchanger is compacted and widely used where the purpose of heat exchanger should be installed in less space. Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Design Sheet

Plate Heat Exchangers consist of an accurately arranged with thin heat transfer plates clamped with each other in a frame. Every second channel allows the same fluid pass through it. Between each pair of plates, there is a rubber gasket, which blocks the two stream fluids from mixing and from leaking to the surroundings. Heat is thus transferred from the warm fluid to the colder fluid via the thin stainless steel plate.

1. The plates can be readily separated for cleaning
2. Heat transfer area can be increased by simply adding more plates.
3. It being very compact requires very small floor space
4. Low-pressure drops
5. Absences of leakage of fluids
6. High heat transfer coefficients with a smaller volume.

1. Initial expenses are very high.
2. They don't work well under high-pressure rates
3. They are not well suited for processing pulpy products or product with particulates.