Chemical Engineering: A Career Option For Bright Students, what is chemical engineering, chemical engineering information

Chemical engineering is a bright career option for all those students who are yet to join in engineering stream and even for diploma level education, it has wide importance for job placements in research, petroleum refining industries, petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, defense, chemical weapon technology centers, nuclear plants, power plants, fertilizer plants it does not stop with that a higher pay and higher rank categorized jobs in pollution control, oil exploration, government agencies are available for a chemical engineer. Chemical engineering course is latest and adapting every stream of other engineering branches like mechanical, electrical and electronic, biochemical, microbiology, computer science etc.. A basic platform of chemistry, physics and mathematics are to be mastered by the student who wants to choose chemical engineering.

An advanced topic like fluid mechanics, mass transfer, heat transfer, thermodynamics, transport phenomenon, chemical reaction engineering and instrumentation and process control are discussed in the course and some of the topics as process modelling and simulation, computational fluid dynamics and chemical engineering economics are added up as per the changes in new technologies.  Post-graduation and PhD degrees holders of chemical engineering are highly preferred for the post of plant in-charge and directors’ to the research departments and continuously operated petrochemical plants.Software skill adds more importance to a chemical engineer, which is demanded by designing, simulation, and consultancy industries.

The software’s like MATLAB, ASPEN PLUS and Fluent are been used as the chemical engineer tools.Process dynamics and control is the subject included from instrumentation engineering which is very important in designing the automation process control systems for the unit operations and the unit process of chemical industry. An outline of chemical process principles, chemical technology, and optimization are included in the duration of the course.