Fire extinguishers and their applications

types of fire extinguishers and their application

The above may vary base on regional practice and safety regulations

Due to the chemical reaction between the fuel and oxygen present in the atmosphere along with the presence of heat, fire is created. By suppressing one of the three constitutes fire can be put off with fewer efforts. Well the material around us is mostly combustible, when enough heat is provided to them or if they are subject to accidental fires( caused by short circuits). Our furniture and clothes are so attractive to fire which we use them regularly, along with it the source of fire are the gas and petrol which are used for automobiles. Of course, when coming to chemical companies all hydrocarbon chemicals are fire lovers.

In case of the fire within your premises that would be your office, home, or open in city showroom or shopping malls and even at transport stations, just look for fire extinguishers to stop the fire immediately by doing so you will prevent a major catastrophic event. But in some case, these fire extinguisher which is available at the spot may not suit the fire occurred at the spot and could increase the damage and make it even severe. So a basic knowledge of the fire extinguisher and their working principles could help a lot.

Basic training will be provided to the employees and staff and regular user of fire extinguisher from the supplier service even though the make mistake at time of event at the time of dangerous situation so just a reference when you are on journey follow the checklist and prefer the safety practices, above a table of fire extinguisher and their relevant effect on the type of fire is given. You can find this useful in distinguishing the fire extinguishers and confirm the type of fire caused form variety of materials. One should remember not use the same type of fire extinguisher for with find out the fire source whether it is form electrical or liquid fuel or the solid substance like wood.