Power Generator Working and Types of Power Generators

Working Principle of Power Generator:

By converting the chemical (fuel) energy into mechanical and then to electrical energy by using an engine and dynamo a power generator is designed and modified for this objective. The source of primary energy may be shifted for other, like wind energy, steam, hydro, solar and tidal etc,.  These available energies are used to generate mechanical energy to rotate a shaft, in turn, this shaft rotate the dynamo to produce electric power in Direct Current and this converted to Alternative Current.

Types of Electrical Power Generators:

  • Electrical power generator
  • Portable power generator
  • Diesel generators
  • Steam power generators
  • Solar power generators
  • Green power generators
  • Wind power generators
  • Hi power generators

Power generators for home use
A wind generator is most reliable to install on the top of the house or the building, based on the dynamo capacity it can produce power sufficient to a home appliance of regular amps. Propane based power generators shown below are most efficient and its maintenance cost is less when compared to diesel generators
propane power generators