Hybrid Distillation and Pervaporation System

block diagram of distillation and pervaporation system

A set up for distillation column and evaporator

By combining distillation and pervaporation a Hybrid system become more economical and energy efficient. we can eliminate the addition entrainer and its equipments for azeotropic distillation systems.
Distillation column trays can be decreased. Purity requirement is achieved. Byproduct removal and reactant recycle in Reactive distillation can be handled. It is the arrangement of equipment to obtain the optimized model for the desired separation.
Operating parameters can be optimized like :
No of trays, feed tray location, reflux ratio, permeate and retentate recycle ratio, membrane feed location, number of membrane modules required. These are optimized for each superstructures configurations.
A superstructure of the hybrid process for azeotropic separation and reactive distillation will be like;
a superstructure example showing the connection of the pervaporation modules and the reactive distillation column

A parallel system of Hybrid Distillation and Pervaporation