Know It Before You Buy a Laptop

Laptops yes! This is the cool gadget now a days, without it we cannot live a moment and even this device became common to all. Knowing it before we buy one is somewhat complex in the market. Every one gives an advice to get a laptop but which is the best in features makes you get confused in selection of the best one. Before buying a laptop for yourself or you want to present it to a friend, brother or sister you should know for what purpose you want a laptop because there are enormous designed laptops for doing a specific task. And one more thing  at moment you have laptop it cannot be upgraded as your desktop, due to its compactness all the accessories are so adjusted to fit once need. Make a vision for about 4 to 5 years of application you may have in future.

Let’s know for what purpose laptop can be used:

The most common advantages are it best for traveling, Gamer, Multimedia, Home.

The person who care for money and want the best goods for which is pay may require applications like internet, Watch some moves and play DVD and save all his family photos, this type of user are pushed in the market to pay more money for unnecessary specifications.

This type of user should be aware of the fact that Laptop with slim and speed will work for him even though he do not need most of the accessories present in the laptop he may never use than do you more, Remember never go for a laptop which cost more than $ 450, See for a RAM to be around 2GB, and Graphic card for doing multimedia tasks.

But when you travel regularly and need a Laptop than you prefer light and small one. But for you battery life is most important item in the check list. But for lighter laptops you have to pay more better chose a optimum weight around 2 kg or less, make your battery back up to eight hours, of course you find in the market saying it have 12 hours battery backup check it review. When coming to its size have 14 inch screen not more than that and thickness of 4 cm are stiff and good for handling and during the journey shocks. Choose a hard drive with capacity of 160GB to 320GB. Due to its slim structure DVD drive may not present so look for optical drive facility.
For Homely usage purpose where you want to replace you’re desktop to get rid of the heavy box stuff and power wiring you may not get the same spec for low cost even when the desktop is cheaper than laptops look for few things

If you have desktop which cost $400 in market than a laptop of same spec would cost just approximately double in cost. Go for a laptop which have 4 GB RAM , more than 350 GB hard drive and a processor like 2.2Ghz dual core or higher. These specifications could satisfy you from leaving the desktop.

If you give a table to your laptop than you can go for large screen otherwise make sure the screen does not be more than 15 inch. If you want to open two browser side by side and have a chat along with browsing than 19 inch screen works well.

Select a Blue Ray drive which is common in use now and will be.

If are like to do some multimedia stuff than you need to select a laptop have lot of memory and have high hard disc space because if you watch a high definition (HD) video it take 1 GB space on your hard drive, Go for more than 4 GB RAM and a graphic card from 128 to 1 GB but it cost more when you go higher. You need a sufficient ports to connect to camera, or projector or other accessories have a USB 3.0 and a Firewire port. When you use for online video conference or recording a film or music laptop fan make a buzz noise which will effect the quality of the speech. So, turn the laptop in the shop it self and listen to the noise of fan and even use a micro phone to record your speech.

For a person who is a gamer and operates a system with high speed, than he the one who make the laptop work at its limit. For all those crazy stuff the processor, RAM, graphic card, battery and fan are be prejudge to buy a laptop for awesome gaming experience, well it can not be upgraded for new game as a desk top and even cost more this bring a major draw back.

Game are not much fun in portable devices, so Quad core processor should be used and coming to graphics may games use a 1920 X 1080 px display for this minimum 1 GB graphic card is needed. Decrease your hard disc size to 4 GB which is sufficient and invest this money in the Graphic card.

Laptop versus Desktop computers on the basis of comfort:

Laptop usage has some drawback when is health is concerned, their is risk of muscular disorder at neck and shoulder of the body. The posture of user will change when he use a laptop when compared to desktop. People get strained after 20 min usage of laptop and feel discomfort, just take break for 5 min for every 20 min and get back to your work. This help you a lot.

Like all pcs, netbooks have a middle mind called a micro-processor, which works all of the
operations of laptop.

The microprocessor:

    • has a set of inner guidelines saved in storage, and can access storage for its own
        use while working.
    • can obtain guidelines or information from you through a key pad along with another
        device (mouse, touch pad, trackball, trackstick).
    • can obtain and store information through several information storage products (hard generate, weak generate,
        Zip generate, CD/DVD drive).
    • can present information to you on pc screens (cathode ray screens, LCD displays).
    • can deliver information to models, modems, systems and wifi systems through various
        input/output places.
    • is operated by AC power and/or energy.

How Netbooks Are Like Personal computers
For the most part, laptops have the same major parts as desktops:

    • micro-processor
    • os (operating system)
    • solid-state storage
    • drive pushes
    • input/output places
    • sound credit cards and loudspeakers

Laptop repair and services:
The above are list laptop service and repair centers which can help in rectifying the problem of all kinds of laptops, mainly a common problem with the laptop is the battery and the charger adapter. when ever you have a power supply problem or your power light don't blink and stay glowing when you plugin the power cord their would be the adapter failure in most cases and pin damage only so try with a new one if it don't work than better show you laptop to the repair and service center given above. Laptop screen is made of LED and this may be one of the main cause for losing the quality due to damage of pixels and screen film, so before you conclude the screen damage make sure it is just simple wire connection to be fixed firmly, because people like to charge you for the whole screen replacement even though it is not required.