Engineering Construction Marvel Eiffel Tower, Paris

eiffel tower engineering design
During 1889 a Universal Exhibition was conducted in Paris, on this occasion a temporary structure built and that is known as Eiffel Tower. Due to its attractive design and fame which it became so popular it is made a permanent structure ever.
The Engineer who designed the framework of Statue of Liberty also designed and built this world’s tallest building until 1930 and he is so called Engineer Gustave Eiffel(1832-1923)
It was just built in two years, two months and five days, by a work fleet of 300 steelworkers. The structure contains 18,038 pieces of steel. The total weight of the tower is about 7,715 tonnes. 2.5 million Rivets are used for connecting all steel blocks.

The total surface area of the Eiffel tower is about 220,000 square meters. The metal is protected from corrosion with paints which it consumes nearly 60 tonnes and for every ten years, this coating of paint is done on its surface.The tower height is 300.5 meters and the antenna on its top is 20.3m. Based on weather conditions due to the temperature difference in the surrounding during hot and cold atmosphere, it can shrink and expand up to 15 cm.