Chemical Plant Designing Principles followed for Comissioning a Process Industry

To start up a designing task of a chemical plant or any chemical process every engineer including from all branches of chemical, mechanical, instrumentation, electrical and civil are involved in their respective section of the designing activity. As concerned with chemical plant or industrial designing and even in the designing of a signal unit operation or unit process these factors should be established and every individual step to be documented for further reference and modification of the designs. An outlook of the commissioning steps is briefed for a simple glance. You can use this free calculator for calculation analysis of fixed capital investment, operating cost of labour, utilities cost, raw material and profits

  1. Raw material selection.
  2. Block diagram of the process.
  3. Material and Energy balance of the process.
  4. Equipment selection. 
  5. Piping drawings, instrument drawings, electrical and civil drawings.
  6. Layout drawings.
  7. Utility section equipment capacity calculation based on energy requirement found by energy balance.
  8. Individual equipment drawings and flow sheet.
  9. Blueprint of the complete process.
  10. HAZOP and safety studies (safety interlock systems).
  11. Redesigning of the process flow sheet.
  12. Construction of the civil structures.
  13. Equipment installation and commissioning
  14. Leak and pressure tests of the equipment and pipelines.
  15. Instruments and controller installation, calibration.
  16. Trail run with water and then with air. 
  17. Purging the process equipment.
  18. Validation runs are taken for stabilization of the process.

These are the steps which are involved in commissioning a chemical industry but they are just a side words where a lot of brainstorming hours will decide every task for execution, these should be kept in mind of every fresh engineer to grow his experience because for fresher who enter in to well-established company he may not know how does it function and no one will take keen interest to spoon feed. Having just a bit of term and knowledge on above activities will support him in building up his confidence among the senior engineers and staff.
Manufacturing Plant Design:
A sequential process analysis is done to design the plant for better performance in handling high load. By using 3D modelling and simulation a visualization of the plant structure is made and even provide space and flexible to adapt to new technology improvement made in unit operations.
Manufacturing Plants:
These are huge building structures which are equipped with machines, robots, computer operated machines, control system, utility supplies like power, water and ventilation systems. By means of high labour or manpower, they work 24 hours to produce a mass productions of goods from raw materials available. The term manufacturing plants brought from the industrial revolution.